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James Williamson

James Williamson

Ferndale, WA


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Education: Northern Michigan and Western Washington University after completing military service in the United States Air Force.Serving as graphic artist. Over the years I have created thousands of original paintings and limited editions of local, regional and international subjects. My style and ideas have changed and continue to expand. Given a ‘special talent’, I am committed to painting memorable images of natural beauty, maritime, industrial and military subjects and 'on the lighter side' creating cartoons. Paintings include inland waterways, islands, beaches, mountain wilderness, native northwest themes, tall ships, sailboats, tugboats and working vessels, Wildlife subjects include herons, eagles, shore birds and whales. Researching artwork for such diverse subjects I have become more aware of history, the beauty of our environment and the increasing power of industry and military strength existing together in a fragile balance.


I have created artwork for companies such as: FOSS Maritime, Boeing, Raytheon, Conoco-Phillips, Exxon, HORIZON Shipping Lines, SAMSON Tug and Barge, and Canada Steamship Lines, the United States Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. My Original illustrations include tugboats, fishing vessels, rocket test facilities, oil refinery vessels and projects, and shipping companies. My originals and limited editions hang in thousands of executive offices, boardrooms, bank lobbies, government buildings, fashionable restaurants and private residences throughout the United States and many other countries. I have also created illustrations for posters, greeting cards, telephone calling cards and credit cards issued throughout the world.

The Studio: This is where the greater part of my artwork is created. All of the tools necessary to produce artwork are brought together; desks, lighting, paper, brushes, paint and research materials. Most of my large, complex and demanding images as well as smaller, less detailed originals are created here. I also create work during gallery and art show demonstrations and ‘on-scene’ when I am out researching a subject.

Media: I am currently creating artwork using transparent and opaque watercolor. Particular subjects also include pen and ink, colored pencil combined with watercolor. I also create pencil drawings and pencil combined with watercolor.

Motivation for Creating Various Subjects
My ‘reason’ for creating various themes include, but are not limited to, requests for illustrations from industry and the military, owners of fishing vessels, tugboats and other working craft and owners of sailing vessels and related companies. I also create artwork for collectors and galleries requesting images of landscapes and wildlife. I consider myself as an illustrator and artist with a ‘special ability’ to listen to my customers and collectors. I also ‘listen to myself and nature’ and find interest in a variety of subjects and continue to refine and expand my knowledge of creating art. I enjoy the positive reaction to my artwork and continue to create images that have value and meaning to those in industry and private collectors.

James Williamson’s Name has become synonymous with quality and dedication. What sets James Williamson’s work apart from that of other painters is his formula: He paints scenes with clarity and emotion, using color and style to create memorable images. He has created a ‘style’ of maritime art. Fishing vessels, workboats, tall ships, sailboats, lighthouses, landscapes and wildlife, industry, and military, these are the subjects of his brush and pen.
Williamson’s originals and limited editions hang in thousands of executive offices, boardrooms, bank lobbies, government buildings, fashionable restaurants and private residences throughout the United States and many other countries. Many Williamson images have been published as art cards, and on credit cards issued throughout the world
Mr. Williamson’s works hung mainly in private and corporate collections are inaccessible to the general public. A select few of his paintings have been published as limited edition and remarqued fine art prints permitting the artist to share his work with a broader audience. Quality art reproductions of his work, which accurately represent the richness of the original paintings, require the selection of the finest materials and the most skilled lithographers and digital giclee printers.
Recipient of numerous honors for artistic ability.
Beginning with three commendation awards from the United States Air Force. Presented by the commander of the 4753rd ADS training squadron in 1968 for his “ability as an illustrator contributing to the overall success of the mission.” Presented by the Commander of the 932nd AC&W Squadron in 1969 for “unparalleled talent and ability, regardless of rank, creating illustrations used Air Force wide.” And presented by the Commander of the Strategic Air Command 410 Combat Support Group in 1972 for “Outstanding achievement and ability as an Air Force illustrator”. Cited in an article in the Air Force Times in 1968 as “The Airman born with a silver brush in his mouth.”. Mr. Williamson also received numerous letters of appreciation and articles in newspapers at squadron and command level during five years of service for “artistic talent and ability.” Presented numerous first-place, best of show and popular vote awards for participation in art shows throughout his career
Grumbacher Gold Medallion Award Winner. Mr. Williamson has been awarded the Grumbacher Gold Medallion in 1998,1999 and 2003. Selected by a group of industry professionals including magazine editors, art professionals and Grumbacher representatives for exceptional accomplishments in the area of fine art.

Winner of FOSS Maritime calendar competition.
Prestigious calendar art competition dedicated to the tug and barge maritime industry.
2001 Winner ‘Tugboat Arthur FOSS assisting Russian tall ship Pallada, Bellingham Bay’
2002 Winner ‘Barbara FOSS at Cape Flattery Lighthouse’ Neah Bay; Tatoosh Island Washington State
2003 Winner ‘USCG Boutwell FOSS tug assist’ Fairhaven Shipyard Washington State
2004 Winner ‘USS Abraham Lincoln’ Aircraft Carrier assisted by Lindsey and Andrew FOSS, Everett, WA
2005 Winner ‘USS Carl Vinson arrival at Bremerton, Washington’ FOSS tug assist.
2006 Winner ‘Ship Assist Arrival of Container Cranes Port of Seattle’
2007 Winner ‘Sakhalin Tug Assist’ FOSS tugs assisting pre-fabricated oil refinery equipment. Sakhalin Island Russia
2008 Winner ‘Container Ship Assist’ Henry FOSS assisting Horizon Line container ship.
2009 Winner ‘SCL CABO’ Andrew FOSS assisting self loading cargo vessel in Duwamish Waterway, Seattle
2010 Winner ‘Jeffrey FOSS assisting SAMSON barge in Alaskan waters’
2011 Winner ‘KEEGAN FOSS assisting PEARL ACE’

Tradition Boats & Tall Ship magazine featured artist.
February/March 2001 Edition; Published internationally by Poundbury Publishing Company, United Kingdom.
Collector’s Choice James R. Williamson original paintings and fine art prints continue to increase in value and are preferred by collectors. Contact your exclusive dealer for availability of artwork and any questions involving collectability and current value. Mr. Williamson’s resume reveals a life devoted to the study and practice of visual art in many forms. He is committed to creating memorable images for an ever-expanding public recognition of his remarkable skill and dedication. Artist James R. Williamson continues to create original, distinctive artwork for the discriminating collector.


Tall Ship Cove by James Williamson


Steam Tugboat KATADIN by James Williamson


A Ship There Is by James Williamson


Tugboat Dawn by James Williamson


Harbor Night by James Williamson


Tugboat EARNEST by James Williamson


Tugboat ISLAND CHAMPION Sunset by James Williamson


Tugboat NORMAN S by James Williamson


Realm of the Orca by James Williamson


Driftwood Moon by James Williamson


Classic Sail by James Williamson


Legendary Yachts by James Williamson


With a Fair Wind by James Williamson


Eagle and Cedars by James Williamson


Natures Grandeur by James Williamson


Along Driftwood Shores by James Williamson


Nature's Serenity by James Williamson


Loon Sunset by James Williamson


Eagles Flight by James Williamson


Driftwood Seagull by James Williamson


Seagull by James Williamson


Fishing Vessel Silver Wave by James Williamson


ATLAS and INVERCLYDE by James Williamson


American Steam by James Williamson


Pacific Fleet by James Williamson


Fishing Vessel DEVOTION by James Williamson


Tall Ship Adventure by James Williamson


Racing Yachts by James Williamson


CSL CABO Tug Assist by James Williamson


Beautiful Heron Shore by James Williamson


Island Moon by James Williamson


Fishing Vessel TANA by James Williamson


Tugboat ARTHUR FOSS by James Williamson


Tugboat HUNTER CROWLEY by James Williamson


932 ACW H1 Rockville by James Williamson


Iceland Arctic Watch by James Williamson


Age of Steam and Sail by James Williamson


Purse Seiner by James Williamson


Steam Tug Alice by James Williamson


Arctic Seas by James Williamson


Steam and Sail by James Williamson


Tall Ship PALLADA Tug Assist by James Williamson


Bellingham Old Town by James Williamson


Country Memories by James Williamson


Mariners Guiding Light by James Williamson


Tall Ship CARRADALE by James Williamson


Island Mist by James Williamson


Lady Washington by James Williamson